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Liberal Democrat Group on Norfolk County Council

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The Climate Emergency needs a proper response not a series of empty gestures

July 12, 2019 5:53 PM


The five point environmental plan announced on Monday by Norfolk Tories is a derisory gesture.

Responding to the climate change emergency will take more than a few small measures, but in five points this is what the Liberal Democrats would do differently:

1. Establish where Norfolk has got to get to. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change made it clear we have 12 years and counting to reverse the current trends if we are to limit global warming to one point five degrees. It's vital any plan knows where it's going. We would set up a Citizen's Assembly to develop a clear strategy for achieving this.

2. The environmental impact of every council decision - from road building to provision of care and support services - should have its environmental impact fully costed; but we also want to go further and for the Council to state how each decision contributes positively to tackling the climate emergency.

3. Invest in green industry. The opportunity has never been better for economies to benefit from rapid decarbonisation. Norfolk's economy is stuck in the slow lane, and green technology could allow advanced engineering and manufacturing, and revolutionary farming methods to be developed in our county.

4. Invest in public transport innovation. Our county can only keep moving if it provides a truly modern alternative to private petrol and diesel cars.

5. Invest in public services. Environmental and social justice are closely linked. Too many people in Norfolk are worried about what will happen to them in the next 12 days, let alone 12 years. Investing in public services that are for everyone is the fastest way to close the gap between rich and poor in Norfolk, and allow everyone to work together on responding to the biggest emergency in modern times.

In 2021, Norfolk will have the chance to choose who's in charge. A Liberal Democrat controlled council is the only way to put the climate emergency first.

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